Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blue Skies Forever by Lewis Smith (2015)

If anyone is still following ROJ at this late date, you are probably stunned. Yes, this is a new update! No, this is not a sign of a grand revival. We are instead here to celebrate a milestone with an anniversary picture by series creator Lewis Smith.

2015 is the 20th anniversary of the creation of Return of Jetman. This had totally escaped my notice until Lewis posted this piece. It's a symbolic meeting of Jet Phoenix and the Gai Yuki incarnation of Black Condor. Amazingly, this is the first time Lewis has ever drawn Yuki!

Thank you, Lewis, for not only this picture and launching ROJ in the summer of 1995, but for entrusting your story and characters to me. As I have said, ROJ helped me find my own voice as a storyteller and gave me the confidence and ability to go out and explore my own worlds. I owe you a tremendous debt.

And thank you all for the memories.

Artwork © Lewis Smith. Originally posted July 9, 2015.

Jet Phoenix © Christopher Elam & Lewis Smith. Based on characters from CHOJIN SENTAI JETMAN (© TV Asahi/Toei/Toei Agency). Black Condor © TV Asahi/Toei/Toei Agency.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hail and farewell.

I used those words to kick off the introduction to my last fanzine, and they are fitting for today's post, too. Why? Because we have reached the conclusion of Return of Jetman.

The domain name for this site will be expiring on or around January 1st, 2014. Though there may be some temporary unavailability, the site will continue at the URL http://returnofjetman.blogspot.com. If you would like to keep tabs on ROJ, please make a note of this change and adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

With the completion of the annotations for each individual episode, we close the book on new material for this project. I won't swear that there will NEVER be new ROJ content, but there are no plans at this time. Keeping the site open is intended to maintain the archives online, but does allow us to return if inspiration strikes. However, to be clear: there are no new stories or art pieces in the works. There are no new commissions in the pipeline. We're not currently accepting submissions. This is "The End."

Friends, do not mourn because Return of Jetman is finished; instead, reflect on how much fun it was and look to the future. Your humble writer/webmaster/co-creator will continue to blog over at Christopher Elam's OWARI, which also serves as the central location for all of my various and sundry projects. I wouldn't bet against ROJ still coming up there from time to time.

Christopher Elam's OWARI - http://christopherelam.blogspot.com/

Meanwhile, original writer/primary artist/co-creator Lewis Smith continues the story of Kienan Ademetria at Gunmetal Black. His creativity and imagination are the main reason why ROJ became a thing far bigger for us than "just fanfiction." If you like ROJ, I encourage you to check out his other works!

Gunmetal Black - http://www.gunmetalblack.com/

I thank all of you who have made this project so rewarding over the years. ROJ began in 1995, which is mind-boggling to me sitting here today. In fact, I was just musing a few days ago that this is the first time in over a decade where I don't have something to write for ROJ. It has been a wild ride, and I will always look back on it fondly.